5 Things To Inspire You During Recovery

Recovery is not like signing up for a course of study where everything is laid out for you in advance and where you know when the challenging portions will be and which places will be smoother sailing. For one thing, there is no point at which you can say you have finished and that you are now a “graduate” and have learned all there is to know. Recovery is ongoing, and something you do every day.

Because of this, it’s important to look for ways to inspire and motivate you during recovery to help you keep going, especially if you are struggling. Check out these 5 things to inspire you during recovery!

5 Things To Inspire You During Recovery-Maryland Recover

Things To Inspire You During Recovery

1. Your 12 Step Group Sponsor’s Story

If you’ve been attending 12-step group meetings and have chosen a sponsor, he or she walks the walk every day and knows what it takes to stay sober in the face of frustration, heartache, boredom, cravings or whatever life throws their way. This is a person who gets it, and you can be inspired by their example not to give up on recovery, too.

2. Keep A Journal

Journaling can help you in your recovery by keeping a record of your thoughts and feelings. There may be things you can’t or aren’t ready to share with your counselor (yet), and this is a safe place to record them. Looking back at where you were a few months ago will allow you to see the progress you’ve made and give you the inner strength to keep going.

3. Learn Something New

Choose a new skill or hobby that you can learn. Sign up for a free or low-cost adult learning course to learn how to draw, paint, play a sport, cook foods from a particular country, do yoga, make your own candles or anything else that appeals to you. You’ll meet some new people and give your self-esteem a boost, which will inspire you to stay on track during your recovery.

4. Write A Gratitude List Each Day

Get a notebook and write a list of five things you are grateful for now that you are sober, or five positive things that happened to you during the day. This one does take work, but it will help you to stay focused on why staying sober is so much better than the alternative.

5. Serve Others

There are many organizations that can benefit from your time and energy. Look for opportunities to help at churches, food banks, community theater groups, non-profit organizations, pet rescue groups, etc.

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