Recovery takes time. Sometimes it takes years before someone is fully comfortable with never going back to the substance that once turned their life upside-down. With that challenge in mind, it benefits recovering addicts to receive as much professional treatment as they can get before they’re released back to the world and expected to continue practicing recovery skills and strategies on their own.

This is why a detox program and even one round of inpatient treatment is often not enough to sustain a person’s recovery convincingly, especially if the inpatient program was only one month or less. This is where our intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program comes in.

Many of our patients arrive immediately after completing detox and/or an inpatient program elsewhere. We’re able to provide ongoing treatment in a residential setting and teach them the skills they need to keep their recovery going strong for a lifetime.

The Maryland Recovery intensive outpatient treatment program comes with the following services and features:

  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Group and individual therapies
  • Co-occurring disorder-focused treatment*
  • Family education and treatment
  • Relapse prevention skill-building
  • Education on managing cravings and addiction triggers
  • 12-step meeting attendance
  • Holistic therapies: yoga, meditation, auricular acupuncture and more

*Please note that we are currently NOT able to offer mental health services. However, we have plans to bring these services back in-house by the end of Summer 2021. In the meantime we coordinate with other service providers in the community when mental health services are needed.

Who Is Eligible to Attend the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

In order to be admitted into our IOP, each patient must have completed detox and/or residential treatment at another facility, or he or she must meet the medical criteria for this level of care. Once our team finds a potential patient to be clinically appropriate and internally motivated to partake in our intensive outpatient program, he or she will have the opportunity to be admitted to Maryland Recovery.

Those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders are eligible to join our IOP. Patients are not given 24/7 supervision in this program, but they still benefit from our structured, yet accommodating treatment schedules. The program is an ideal option for those who want to, and are able to, continue going to work or school in the area while receiving high-class outpatient rehab services.

The clinical aspect of intensive outpatient treatment consists of group and individual therapies to begin learning coping mechanisms, relapse prevention strategies and how to fight addiction triggers. Holistic therapy is also a major component of our program, as it helps patients heal on many levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The 12 Steps Are a Big Part of Our Outpatient Program

At Maryland Recovery, we utilize the 12-step program during outpatient treatment to help individuals learn how to deal with daily addiction triggers. The 12-step program is an effective treatment regimen in which individuals receive group therapy and collaborate with others who are going through, or have gone through, similar situations.

In this program, clients have the option to admit mistakes they’ve caused in the past due to addiction, and then make amends for those mistakes. This will all be done with the help and support of our team, as well as other participants in the program. After patients have progressed and made amends with their past, they will have the ability to continue moving forward with a new outlook on life as well as healthier behavior in response to stressful situations.