Drug Rehab Resources

Whether you’re seeking drug addiction help for yourself or a loved one, these drug rehab and mental health resources will help you further your knowledge about different addictions and psychiatric disorders.

Mental Health Resources

For decades, the mental health field has been plagued with suspicions and social stigma. In reality, mental health issues are extremely common and affect millions of Americans each year. Unfortunately, negative attitudes toward mental illness have discouraged individuals who are having problems from getting the help they need.

That’s why sharing information about mental illness, the many classified disorders, and connections between mental health and substance abuse is so important. We hope these informative health profiles play a helpful role in guiding readers toward appropriate treatment.

Do I Have Anxiety? Quiz

Since mental health issues are prominent in cases of addiction, we’ve produced a short quiz that allows anyone to measure their level of anxiety. If you find yourself with a high level of anxiety, that may be a precursor to eventual substance abuse. If you are already struggling with drugs and alcohol, the continued use may give rise to an anxiety disorder that didn’t previously exist.

Take our online quiz now to see where you stand with anxiety and what your next move should be.

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Do I Have an Addictive Personality? Quiz

The more the term “addictive personality” is used in association with things like substance use disorder, the more individuals begin to question whether they may be more prone to developing SUD than others. While having a propensity to develop obsessions or fixations does not mean you will develop SUD, several signs can indicate whether you may have an addictive personality.

Take our online quiz now to see where you stand.

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Addiction Types

Like mental health, conversations about addiction treatment (and those struggling with addiction) have been dominated by accusatory attitudes and misinformation. Even worse, the media has created a false image of a person struggling with addiction: Popular depictions of addicts paint the picture of a lowly degenerate, unpredictable and possibly violent.

Science has shown us, however, that addiction is not simply the result of irresponsible choices. Drugs and alcohol have been shown to chemically alter the brain and influence the individual’s behavior, making it nearly impossible for a person to stop using once they’ve already become dependent.

The more information you and your loved ones have about addiction, as well as how these disorders are treated, the better chance you have of getting treatment before the problem begins to escalate.