What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program for Mental Health and Addiction?

If you’re struggling with mental health and addiction, we’ve developed an innovative treatment program that intensely focuses on these matters. Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is just one way to begin or continue your recovery, and it’s the program in which individualized substance abuse treatment is delivered daily and for several hours at a time.

To begin the partial hospitalization program, we thoroughly assess all incoming patients and then develop a personalized long-term treatment plan for each. Our customized approach has proven to be an effective treatment technique for most individuals trying to break a drug or alcohol habit. Being that we call this a partial hospitalization program for mental health and addiction, this means that we also diagnose co-occurring disorders and take them into account when crafting the patient’s individualized treatment program.

How the Partial Hospitalization Program Works

Our partial hospitalization program is centered in our primary facility in the picturesque countryside town of Bel Air, Maryland. During the clinical phase of rehabilitation, we closely monitor each client’s psychiatric symptoms. Our counselors also teach patients how to cope with daily life stressors so they’ll be better equipped to forge ahead and remain sober after graduating from treatment. Additionally, our partial hospitalization program allows individuals to participate in group therapy sessions, in which other patients struggling with the same disorders can connect.

Here are some fast facts for Maryland Recovery’s partial hospitalization program for mental health and addiction:

  • Treatment is delivered 7 days a week.
  • Treatment lasts roughly 5 to 6 hours each day.
  • The program usually lasts 4 weeks, but depends on the patient’s insurance.

It’s All Based on the Individualized Treatment Plan

We do an initial assessment for each client so our clinicians can fully understand their patient history and addiction triggers. From there, we develop a personalized treatment plan that will give them their best chance of successful recovery.

We have psychiatrists and addiction specialists on standby for those in the PHP. A client’s recovery plan may call for the following methods of treatment during part of or their entire time in our program:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Psychiatric medical treatment
  • Medication monitoring
  • After-treatment planning

Who Can Attend the Partial Hospitalization Program?

Maryland Recovery’s partial hospitalization program is open to adults over 18 years old who are experiencing substance abuse symptoms but do not require 24/7 medical care. If the individual simply needs help monitoring their symptoms and learning how to cope with them, then they usually qualify for our program. Please note that each qualified individual must have already undergone detox treatment or meet the medical criteria for this level of care in order to attend this program.

We generally see many Baltimore and Annapolis residents enter our program, but we’ve also had clients from up and down the entire East Coast. Our unique program options as well as rare treatment offerings attract many from well beyond our home state. Call today to talk to our friendly admissions counselors, who can help determine if our partial hospitalization program is the right path to recovery for you.