Are you looking for a unique approach to drug and alcohol abuse treatment?

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Our clinically proven addiction treatment programs offer exactly that…

Affordable Residential Outpatient Addiction Treatment North of Baltimore

Here at Maryland Recovery we offer a unique, affordable clinical model for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We call our model “residential outpatient” rehab.

Maryland Recovery Leaf Branding


How Are We Different?

Many rehab treatment centers offer either an inpatient OR outpatient program. Our addiction care combines both.

During your addiction treatment, you will stay in one of our 8 residential houses and attend treatment during the day at our outpatient facility. This way you are able to separate living and care while still remaining in a setting conducive to your recovery.

Many rehab centers address only the residual effects of prior substance use. We treat ALL of the underlying causes of substance abuse, including trauma and mental conditions.

Mental conditions such as anxiety, depression and ADHD often have a very direct connection to substance abuse. Traumatic events are also a major risk factor. Therefore, our staff is trained to diagnose and treat all issues related to trauma and mental illness as part of each client’s addiction rehab program at our beautiful facility in Bel Air, just north of Baltimore.

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Like many rehab centers, we offer holistic treatment methods, but OURS go beyond the standard fare, led by our new Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program.

Our expansive countryside property made for the perfect venue to support an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) program, which is a rare but highly effective form of experiential learning and healing for rehab. It’s the highlight of our holistic treatment offerings, which also include drumming therapy, auricular acupuncture, yoga and more.

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