Successful Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Recovery

Begin or continue your journey of recovery with treatment at our holistic, outpatient substance use disorder center in the beautiful downtown of Bel Air in Harford County, a serene area north of Baltimore and Annapolis. We provide the opportunity for individuals to receive effective, safe and affordable substance abuse recovery. 

Our approach to addiction treatment was created with the patient in mind from the ground up. Through all of the changes in the treatment field, Maryland Recovery stands for quality, cost-effective and safe outpatient treatment with a strong recovery homes component to aid in transitional, long-term care.

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Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Philosophy

To foster recovery from drugs and alcohol, we believe that time, developing healthy life skills and a structured program lead to changes in thinking and behavior. We understand that whatever your particular challenges are, they didn’t develop overnight. There are reasons for your present situation that may have been building over many years.

The behaviors and attitudes that have pushed you to seek help from substance abuse and addiction must be modified over time as well.

Our Commitment to Our Recovery Clients

At Maryland Recovery, we are committed to taking a journey with you to ensure that you overcome the obstacles that currently keep you from enjoying life to its fullest potential. Our clinical team will be with you every step of the way to help you identify the causes and develop strategies that will empower you and facilitate real and lasting changes. Long term sobriety is our goal.