Learn If You Have an Addictive Personality

People with addictive personalities seem to be more prone to developing a fixation than other people. This fixation can be on anything, including a substance like alcohol, drugs, or tobacco; destructive behavior like gambling or risk-taking; or other behaviors like dieting and exercise. While not all these things are harmful in moderation, individuals with an addictive personality may find it difficult to enjoy something in moderation. For some, it can be impossible.

The more the term “addictive personality” is used in association with things like substance use disorder, the more individuals begin to question whether they may be more prone to developing SUD than others. While having a propensity to develop obsessions or fixations does not mean you will develop SUD, several signs can indicate whether you may have an addictive personality. Understanding if you tend to develop these behaviors can help you learn coping techniques as well as find the support you need to avoid a serious addiction.


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