Reintegrate Into Civilian Life, Drug-Free

No one will ever tell you that it’s easy to get beyond the past, though it’s crucial to fully experience the good in the present and envision the future. Our licensed therapists and compassionate counselors will help you get there, through an assessment of your emotional and physical challenges. From there, we can identify what’s working for you, what isn’t, and come up with a plan that not only supports long-term recovery but is more easily attainable.

Often times we meet patients under the care of other healthcare practitioners who have been prescribed pain medications as part of post-surgery care or as treatment for an injury or to calm emotional turbulence. With the recent escalated rates of opioid overdose and suicides, Maryland Recovery is committed to finding healthier options for you.

Through evidence-based research and holistic treatments put into practice, we have found that many of our patients don’t need the medications they were prescribed, unleashing new ways to live life to the fullest.

While abstinence from drugs and alcohol is our goal, we understand that medication might be needed to help reduce withdrawal symptoms or help balance mood and behaviors, in addition to the treatment of dual diagnosis*. In these instances, we can utilize a harm-reduction model for addiction treatment, known as medication-assisted treatment or MAT. Some of the medications used are Vivitrol and Suboxone. With this type of treatment protocol, we can help bridge the gap between loneliness, pain and addiction relapse, to realize successful recovery. Even with a MAT program, abstinence is the ultimate goal.

*Please note that we currently do not offer mental health services in-house. However, we hope to bring them back soon. In the meantime, we are working with a local provider. Please contact us for more information.