How Holistic Substance Abuse Programs Lead To Full Recovery

By the time a person seeks help for a substance abuse issue the problem has, in many cases, been part of his or her life for a number of years. No one suddenly decides that they want to become an addict or develop the type of lifestyle or personal problems that coincide with having an addiction; such as lying to loved ones, having financial or legal problems, or losing interest in activities that used to be meaningful. Addiction is more likely to develop over time and like a slippery slope, once someone starts on that path, it’s very hard to get turned around. This is where our holistic substance abuse programs come into play.

Holistic Treatment Programs

Holistic Treatment For The Whole Person

Addiction is a disease that goes to work to break down a whole person: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In order to help clients get well, our holistic addiction program in MD approaches it from all three fronts.

It’s not uncommon for a person with a substance abuse problem to neglect his or her physical health. Our treatment program at Maryland Recovery includes fitness training and yoga. Clients also participate in meal planning and preparation, which is a valuable skill, since many addicts may not have been getting a balanced diet when they were users.

Spiritual activities for clients who are in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction focus on helping them to learn to calm the mind and be still. Meditation is one example of an activity that a number of clients find helpful. It can also be used to relieve stress and is good preparation for life beyond rehab.

Individual And Group Therapy

To get to the root of addiction and the reasons a person was drawn to using a substance to begin with (and continued to use it), we here at Maryland Recovery offer individual and group therapy sessions as part of our addiction treatment program. Individual sessions allow clients to explore issues, either past or current, with the help of a counselor. Learning to change negative thought patterns into positive ones can help clients move forward in their recovery. Group therapy sessions allow clients to get help and support from each other while discussing various topics.

Residential Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Some people turn to drugs and alcohol because they don’t feel in control of themselves or their environment. Our residential-style housing is safe and clean. We ensure a private and comfortable atmosphere for our clients so that they can focus on getting well. We provide our addiction treatments at our outpatient facility then our clients return to our residential houses to comfortably and safely live.

Individualized Care And Support

Our treatment model is affordable and provides the type of care that is conducive to long-term recovery. A 28-day program is not appropriate for all clients, and our three-phase treatment model can give our clients more time in treatment and continued support, including extended care to help them transition back into life outside of the rehab treatment facility and continue on with their lives for life-long sobriety!

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