One of the Northeast’s Leading Holistic Recovery Centers

For nearly 20 years, Maryland Recovery has helped recovering drug addicts and alcoholics take their first crucial steps toward long-term sobriety. We do this by offering a unique three-phase model program: Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Extended Care.

Although clients are guaranteed group and individual counseling, 12-step work, life skills coaching, family education and relapse prevention education, we feel there is more to the equation when it comes to effective treatment. Holistic drug treatment is the final piece to the puzzle.

What Activities Does Our Holistic Recovery Center Offer?

Holistic rehabilitation focuses on improving and balancing the mental, physical, spiritual and even emotional and social aspects of a person. It’s all a part of the quest to help them reach their peak health and soundness of mind.

Even counseling can be approached holistically, so long as the counselor delves into more than just the substance abuse issues and symptoms, such as addressing mental health conditions and other issues that fed into the addiction.

Holistic rehabilitation modalities generally involve a little more physical activity and are, dare we say, even a little more fun than the more traditional treatment methods. However, these holistic practices have proven to be an equally legitimate effort in the quest to help someone succeed in their recovery process.

Although Maryland Recovery’s three-phase Outpatient Program is individualized to each client’s treatment needs, the following activities will be available to all who enter the holistic addiction treatment program:


This activity needs little introduction, but we find it to be hugely helping in getting the clients to de-stress and relax – in addition to helping them concentrate on their ultimate goal: sobriety. Even clients who didn’t like yoga coming in start to see the benefits when it’s used in the rehabilitation process.


Guided meditation takes place daily and sometimes several times a day at Maryland Recovery. Meditation helps the practitioner focus and stay calm. We find this activity helps the recovering addict find contentment from within, rather than though turning to harmful substances.

Drumming Therapy

Drumming circles help clients relieve stress and unleash some of their blocked emotions. This activity also helps the mind focus and meditate. Additionally, it gets participants to work as a team and effectively communicate with each other. When it comes to blowing off a little steam, drumming therapy is perhaps the most productive means we offer.

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Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicinal practice that has regained relevance in the West in recent decades. The ear contains a litany of pressure points and can communicate with almost all parts of the body. In auricular acupuncture, super-thin needles are inserted into the different parts of the outer ear in order to stimulate healing. This practice can help with a variety of ailments, from headaches and pain disorders to allergies and drug cravings. Overall, auricular acupuncture is a very therapeutic approach to helping the client feel better physically and mentally.