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The Benefits Of Alcohol Rehab For Seniors

The Benefits Of Alcohol Rehab For Seniors

Whether you’ve dealt with an addiction to alcohol all your life or this is a new development in older age, help is available. You do not have to live the rest of your life under the shadow of alcoholism. Joining an alcohol rehabilitation program for seniors can help you address your specific problems and needs.

What Is Alcohol Rehab For Seniors?

An alcohol rehabilitation program for seniors focuses on patients 50 and older in most cases. It offers addiction treatment options specifically for the elderly. This may include intervention, medical detoxification, residential rehabilitation, and outpatient treatment. Many inpatient alcohol rehab centers for seniors offers superior medical care to address any age-related healthcare needs. They may also provide medications with low abuse risk to help alleviate the symptoms of any co-occurring disorders, such as physical or mental health problems.

Many of today’s senior citizens are part of the Baby Boomer generation. They were born between 1946 and 1964 – before scientists understood much of what we know today about tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Many of today’s elderly experimented with substances in their younger years, increasing the risk of addictions in advancing age. While alcohol is the most commonly abused substance among the elderly, illicit drugs and prescription pills are also frequent in addictions.

Prescription Pill Addiction And The Elderly

In 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency concerning the opioid crisis. A main factor driving the opioid crisis was prescription pill addiction. Medical patients – including millions of elderly people – can develop painkiller dependency when they do not understand the addictive nature of these drugs. Opioids are highly addictive, with a high risk of misuse and abuse. Elderly patients can become addicted to their painkiller prescriptions, and may mix these addictions with alcoholism or other drug abuse. Entering a senior rehab facility could help someone overcome a prescription addiction.

The Benefits Of A Seniors-Only Program

Achieving and maintaining sobriety is important at any stage of life. Struggling with alcoholism late in life could shorten your life span, cause serious health problems, and ruin your relationships with family members or adult children. It could also drive you into financial ruin, with no job to pull yourself out. Admitting you need help and joining an alcohol rehab program for seniors can help you regain control of your life. Here are a few benefits of a seniors-only rehab center:

  • Treating age-specific problems. People over 50 often experience age-specific issues that can contribute to alcoholism, such as health problems, mental declines, loss of familial structure, end of career, and financial instability. Joining a senior alcohol rehab program can offer solutions to these specific problems.
  • Managing health and wellness concerns. If you suffer from chronic pain, incontinence, sexual impotence, cognitive problems, or other health concerns that are contributing to your alcohol or drug addiction, specialists at a seniors-only facility can help. Professionals can create a health and pain management plan that does not feed your alcoholism.
  • Rediscovering your purpose in life. Suffering form alcoholism as an older person can give you feelings of shame, guilt, uselessness, or hopelessness. You might not feel there is a point in getting sober this late in life. Enrolling in senior alcohol rehab can help you rediscover your purpose, find what matters to you, and explore your passions.
  • Connecting with others like you. Traditional alcohol rehabilitation programs may help you achieve recovery, but will they connect you to a solid support group? A senior program can put you with others in your age group, helping you feel less alone. You can make new friends, cultivate a strong support group for post-rehab, and find alcoholism support groups where you feel like you belong.
  • Enjoying a tailored treatment plan. It’s important for your addiction counselors to understand the full picture during alcoholism treatment. Going to a place that specializes in rehab for seniors can give you the tools and resources you need for more complete healing. The staff can take your age, health issues, gender, family history, and past substances used into account when creating your treatment plan.

Alcohol rehab for seniors can address the underlying cause of your alcoholism, help you detox your mind and body, and give you tools to remain sober long into the future. You can benefit from ongoing therapy, a strong support network, and recovery services specific to your generation. Plus, you can work with clinicians who will help you find rehab activities that work for your lifestyle and limitations. Finding the right recovery community for you can make a big difference in the success of your recovery.

Why Choose Rehab?

Many senior citizens are reluctant to seek professional help for alcoholism. They may fear damage to their reputations or the cost of rehab, as younger patients do. However, they could also face age-specific obstacles, such as medical problems or a stigma against getting help for addiction. The elderly may also not have the same motivation to get sober as younger people. Many seniors do not have jobs, children to support, or other responsibilities. This can lead to harmful delays in seeking treatment.

Entering an alcohol rehabilitation program as a senior can help you take back your life. You can reverse alcohol-related health problems, such as organ failure and cardiovascular issues, before it’s too late. You can sharpen your mind and enjoy better cognitive abilities. You can also reduce your risk of accidents, such as falls or car crashes. Quitting alcohol and achieving sobriety can help you connect with your family members and find a purpose in life. Engaging yourself in your community, family, or church in sobriety can fulfill you as you enjoy your golden years.

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