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Whether you’re seeking drug addiction help for yourself or a loved one, these drug rehab and mental health resources will help you further your knowledge about different addictions and psychiatric disorders.

Below you will find an overview of all of our free resources broken down by category.

eBooks and Guides

Addiction Treatment Resources Holistic Remedies eBook - Maryland RecoveryKnowledge is power when it comes to breaking free from the chains of drug and alcohol addiction. The more that an individual knows about the dangers of drugs and opportunities for recovery, the better prepared that person is for treatment. That’s why we’ve made the following eBooks and digital guides available for download.

  • Holistic Remedies – Medication is just one of many ways to treat someone’s addiction. Several holistic remedies have shown success in helping individuals manage their substance abuse struggles. This eBook outlines some of the most popular and effective forms of holistic drug treatment for addiction, including those practiced at Maryland Recovery.
    See the Holistic Remedies eBook
  • Check back for new eBooks and guides designed to help you through recovery!

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