Maryland Recovery Program Options

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Many of our patients come to us for long-term recovery treatment after they’ve completed detox and/or residential treatment elsewhere, such as a 28-day program. We’re here to expertly guide recovering addicts toward long-term sobriety, no matter where they are in their journey.

We’re also happy to accommodate individuals who have special insurance needs or who are looking for extended care, possibly beyond what is offered at another treatment center.

Extended Addiction Care

In total, patients stay in treatment at Maryland Recovery for at least 90 days, whether they go through both PHP and IOP, or just the latter. We have no doubt that a longer period of rehab leads to better results in recovery; research and our own experiences show this to be true. You can learn more about the advantages of extended addiction treatment by clicking below.

What To Expect: Extended Care Program

Additional Services

As we touched upon earlier, we specialize in treating dual diagnosis patients and we use several unique holistic therapies to heal and reinvigorate all patients in recovery. Learn a little bit more about each of these specialties by clicking through both items below:

Dual Diagnosis Rehabilitation

Mental health disorders are said to play a role in more than 50 percent of drug addiction cases. Therefore, we’d be remiss to not offer exceptional treatment for dual diagnosis disorders. Maryland Recovery patients with a dual diagnosis are given a tailored treatment plan to accommodate their mental, emotional and even physical health needs.

Learn More: Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction treatment is so much more than teaching people to overcome substance abuse. Our holistic modalities address the whole person through hands-on treatment and discoveries in group and individual settings. Auricular acupuncture, drumming circles and yoga are just a few of the many offerings in our premier holistic therapy program.

Explore Our Holistic Program

Explore the Admissions Process

Want to learn more about what it takes to be admitted to Maryland Recovery? Would your insurance plan cover all, or part, of your treatment here? What kind of living accommodations do we offer for those who don’t reside in the area? Get your answers to these questions and more here:

Admissions Info