Benefits Of An “Outpatient Residential” Rehab

Benefits Of An Outpatient Residential Rehab-MDRecoveryClients who choose Maryland Recovery can take advantage of a unique treatment model. Our residential outpatient addiction treatment program removes the step of having to make a decision whether an inpatient or an outpatient program would be best for you. Instead, both treatment models are effectively combined into a single program.

While clients are attending our outpatient program, they are housed in one of our beautiful residential homes. They attend sessions at our outpatient facility and then can return to the residential home in the evening for as long as their course of treatment lasts.

Benefits Of The Outpatient Residential Rehab Model

Focus Is On Recovery

Since our clients return to a residential home after attending their treatment sessions, they can take the time necessary to focus their attention on their recovery; not on friends or other distractions, or trying to stay sober on their own.

Support From Others At A Similar Stage In Recovery

Our residential homes are shared housing units. Clients interact with, and get support from other people who understand exactly what they are going through in their recovery journey.

Clients Learn To Be Responsible For Themselves During Their Stay In Our Residential Housing Units

Everyone is expected to do chores to help keep the houses neat and clean. This is part of developing life skills for independent living after leaving rehab and taking pride in one’s self again.

Affordable And Personalized Treatment

In many cases, because of our unique outpatient format, insurance providers will cover services beyond the detox period or for longer than 30 days. While it is possible to provide help in a 30-day program, we find in many instances that our clients benefit from a longer course of treatment.

Our approach to addiction treatment is to provide an individualized treatment plan designed to meet each client’s specific needs and long-term goals and can include individual and group counseling, holistic therapies, mental health treatment and much more.

Addiction Recovery Program In Maryland

Our addiction recovery program in beautiful and serene Maryland is the best choice for many who are struggling with addiction. We provide 3 phases of treatment care and all of our clients are housed in clean, comfortable and safe residential houses. No drugs or alcohol is permitted, and client privacy and security is assured.

Our residential homes are furnished, and located close to our outpatient treatment center, as well as a number of stores, a public library, jobs, and several AA and NA meetings. We also make sure that a house manager is on the premises if a client needs assistance.

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Reviewed by Christopher Schwartfigure MS, LGPC, CAC-AD