Can Early Phases Of Alcohol Addiction Recovery Trigger Insomnia?

For a person with a serious or long-standing alcohol addiction, simply deciding to stop drinking is not the end-all answer to the problem. Even if the person in a sober moment agrees to give up alcohol, the disease is in control and no amount of willpower is enough to effectively “fix” the problem – any more than someone can “will” away their arthritis, diabetes, or any other chronic illness.

Having professional help is especially important in the early stages of recovery, since this is when physical and psychological symptoms associated with living without chemicals will be most treatable.

Insomnia Triggered In Early Phases Of Alcohol Addiction Recovery?

Early Phases Alcohol Addiction Recovery Trigger Insomnia - MDRecoveryAccording to a study, insomnia is a significant issue for clients recovering from alcohol addiction and in  alcohol addiction treatment programs.

The issue, which has been described as “prevalent and persistent” starts in the early phases of recovery and may persist for months or years in some instances.

However, effective alcohol addiction treatment that focuses also on sleep disturbance can help lower the risk of alcohol relapse!

Lack Of Sleep Addressed In Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Lack of sleep is an important issue, since it makes dealing with stress much more challenging. Giving our clients the tools they need to cope with stress in a healthy and effective manner is one of our goals at Maryland Recovery.

Individualized Substance Abuse Treatment

All of our clients receive individualized substance abuse treatment, where the issues of daily stressors are addressed. We provide individual and group therapy to help you understand and work through your stressors, urges to use, and help you work through your customized recovery plan, while we walk with you step-by-step.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery -

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

During this phase of the treatment, our clients continue treatment during the day and are housed in one of our residential homes with other clients who are receiving the same level of treatment. The program includes measures designed to deal with stress, including yoga and meditation.

Our innovative residential intensive outpatient treatment program will help you recover from alcohol addiction, drug addiction or behavioral addictions.

Relapse Prevention Education

We also provide education on how to manage cravings and addiction triggers. Someone who is not sleeping well would be more vulnerable to stressors in his or her life and may be at higher risk for a relapse. The continuing support and education of our program will help prevent relapse by educating our clients and providing tools on how to overcome stress, cravings, depression and anxiety. Our clients need never feel that they are dealing with their recovery on their own!

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Reviewed by Christopher Schwartfigure MS, LGPC, CAC-AD