Heroin Addiction Not Just A “Big City” Problem – How Our Unique Multi-Phase Treatment Approach Helps!

To a number of people, heroin addiction is a “big city” problem and not something that smaller communities or that people living in suburbs have to deal with.

Heroin Addiction Affects All People In All Areas

Many people picture an addict who uses harder drugs like heroin as looking a certain way or living in a particular neighborhood.

Heroin use and addiction is a growing problem that affects people living in all areas, including big cities and smaller and nicer communities.

Heroin’s Ease Of Availability And Price Increase Its Popularity

The surge in popularity of this drug stems from its availability and purity. It is sometimes easier and cheaper for users to obtain than prescription opioids. Some heroin users became addicted to prescription drugs first and then moved on to heroin as their drug of choice, when they no longer could receive prescription painkillers.

Heroin Buyers Don’t Know Exactly What They Are Buying

The problem with heroin and other street drugs is that users have no way of knowing exactly what they are buying. There is no way to determine how pure the heroin is, and the product may have been cut with other drugs or toxic household items. These ingredients are used as a filler, but the type and amount of filler will vary from batch to batch.

Heroin Is Risky…Every Time

Every time a heroin user smokes, snorts or injects the drug, they run the risk that they will experience severe health consequences. The possibility of an overdose is ever present; this drug affects the central nervous system and can cause a person’s heart rate and breathing to slow down to dangerous levels.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

At Maryland Recovery, we offer a unique, multi-phase approach to street drug and heroin addiction treatment.

Multi-Phase Treatment Difference - Maryland Recovery Rehab

Partial Hospitalization Program

We start with a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), which is phase 1 of our treatment model. This program is 28 days long, 7 days per week. Each client receives an initial assessment so we can understand exactly what each and every person’s individual history, needs and goals. While in treatment, we monitor mental stability and provide tools to help clients cope with daily stressors and triggers. Clients also participate in group therapy where they can connect with others who are healing and in recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program

In this second phase of treatment, graduated clients from our PHP transition into our Intensive Outpatient Program. During this unique phase, clients are able to reside in one of our beautiful and safe residential homes with fellow peers who are also in this same phase of treatment. This way, clients are provided with 24/7 support as well as structure – something that is crucial for a recovering addict.

During this second phase of treatment, we offer a wide variety of therapies including:

  • Family therapy
  • Relapse prevention tools
  • 12 step meetings
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • and much more!

Extended Care

The third phase of treatment we offer is Extended Care. At this stage, our clients practice what they have learned in the previous 2 phases of treatment while staying in a secure, yet real-world environment. We offer support with therapy sessions and ensure they have the tools they need to help them in their goal of life-long sobriety.

Individualized Treatment Plan

What’s helps our unique approach to addiction treatment is that every client has their own individualized treatment plan. We focus on what works best for them!

You Can Start On The Road To Breaking Free From Heroin Addiction Right Now. Call Us Today To Take The First Step…We Will Be With You Throughout Your Journey!

Reviewed by Christopher Schwartfigure MS, LGPC, CAC-AD