How Does Our Addiction Treatment Help You To Cope With Stress & Cravings?

Everyone has to deal with stress and frustration as part of their daily lives. However, for the recovering addict, stress and frustrations can turn into a life or death situation with the risk of relapse. While everyone should develop their own toolbox of coping strategies to deal with life’s ups and downs, someone with a history of drug addiction and abuse doesn’t have a track record of making good choices in this area. This is where we can help.

Self-Medicating To Cope With Stress And Painful Feelings

Self-Medicating To Deal With Stress-Addiction Treatment - MD Recovery

For some people, drug addiction can stem from a desire to deal with the chaos they see and feel going on around them. They want to slow things down or step out of the situation they are finding it difficult to deal with for a time. A person in this situation may start to turn to alcohol or recreational drugs because they feel the need to unwind after a busy day or to self-medicate because they are feeling plagued by bad memories or feelings that they are having trouble dealing with.

While this strategy may start off with the person feeling as though they are in control of their use of the drug, they are opening the door to addiction. Over time, they build up a tolerance for their drug of choice and need more to get the same effect. At that point they are experiencing cravings and withdrawal, they are no longer in control of the situation; the drug is calling the shots.

Drug Addiction Treatment In Bel-Air, MD Teaching Relaxation Techniques For Stress & Cravings

Part of the treatment program here at Maryland Recovery includes teaching clients how to cope with stress without resorting to their old ways of dealing with it. We teach our clients how to practice yoga and mindfulness meditation as part of our drug addiction treatment in Bel-Air, MD. Other techniques that can help include exercising, taking a hot bath or shower, listening to calming music, drinking a cup of hot tea or journaling.

Clients at Maryland Recovery also learn how to prepare themselves if they are faced with cravings for their drug of choice. When cravings arise, there are various techniques that we teach our clients to help them get through these challenging times during treatment and long-after to help prevent relapse.

The better our clients can master these techniques, the less likely it is that a craving will start them on the slope toward a full-blown relapse. Our 90-day rehab program is customized to meet the individual needs to each of our clients. We offer a holistic program that focuses on treating the whole person and includes learning how to live a full life in sobriety.

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Reviewed by Christopher Schwartfigure MS, LGPC, CAC-AD