Why We Offer PHP and IOP Options:

Affordability: We work together with insurance companies to be able to provide these unique opportunities. Because many detox and inpatient rehab programs can be quite expensive, insurance companies don’t always cover additional care beyond the initial detox phase. With our unique outpatient setup, many insurance providers will pay for continued care, making Maryland Recovery an affordable option for individuals in need of treatment beyond detox or the initial 30 days of recovery.

Convenience: Outpatient treatment is a proven program format, which is why we believe in it so strongly. Our programs are perfect for those living in Bel Air or Harford County. Many of our patients come from the Baltimore area and Annapolis, as well. We set them up with sober housing in Bel Air, and their families aren’t too far away to come visit them as they are working toward completing our program.

Longer Term Treatment: Statistically, most drug and alcohol addicts need more than detox and 30 days of rehabilitation in order to overcome addiction for good. By offering multiple treatment phases (PHP and IOP), we have created a unique path for addiction recovery to run its natural course, per individual.

Our Outpatient Addiction Rehab Facility

Our Bel Air outpatient treatment center is the hub of all clinical and holistic treatment offered by Maryland Recovery. Your rehab experience with us will begin and end at our outpatient facility. Our rehab center is located just off Main Street in Bel Air South, which is in the heart of Harford County, Maryland. It offers a residential-like experience, yet it’s considered outpatient treatment.

Here is what to expect at our long-term addiction rehab facility:

  • Admissions and Intake
  • Financing and Insurance Help
  • PHP and IOP Day Treatment
  • Individual and Group Therapies
  • Holistic Program Activities
  • Outtake for Program Graduates

What to Do in Bel Air, MD and Harford County

If you’re coming to Bel Air to either participate in a Maryland Recovery program or to visit your loved one here, you’ll find plenty of things to do during your free time. Bel Air features a variety of boutique stores and restaurants, a public library, churches, a farmers’ market and more than 20 AA and NA meetings held weekly. You may even find a place to work if you’re going to be in the area receiving treatment for up to 3 months!

To get some more ideas on sights, sounds and adventures in Bel Air and Harford County, click on the button below.

Explore Bel Air