Partial Hospitalization Program Phase 1: Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

This initial phase of care offers addiction treatment 7 days a week. This strong clinical component is crucial to our 90 day residential outpatient program and individuals will need to complete this full phase before moving to phase 2 and 3. This program is similar to traditional residential primary care programs and offers extensive clinical treatment.

Intensive Outpatient TreatmentPhase 2: Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Graduates of the initial PHP phase will then transition into our intensive outpatient program if clinically appropriate. During this phase, individuals will live with others in the residential houses who are also in this phase of care. Clinical treatment continues through group and individual therapy during the day. We also offer daily group activities and begin integrating more with the community at this stage in recovery.

Extended CarePhase 3: Extended Care

Upon successful completion of phases 1 and 2, individuals will enter into our extended care phase. Here you will learn important life skills, work on practicing the lessons learned in the first two phases and prepare for life beyond rehab. Often overlooked, extended care is an important part to a successful rehab program as it allows the individual the appropriate amount of time to attend therapy and form new habits for long term sobriety.

Men and women are separated into housing by gender and housing is separated by phase of care. This ensures you are always with the group of people that are in the same level of care you are, which is proven to help increase comfort and recovery success rates. Together you will reside in the same residence, travel to and from the outpatient care, participate in group therapies and attend night activities with your specific phase group.

A Flexible 90 Day Rehab Program

Each phase of care represents roughly one month, so those who attend all 3 phases of care are participating in our full 90 day rehab program. However, because the 3 phases are separate, individuals can come to us after graduating from detox or residential care at another facility, all participants start with Phase 1 PHP Level of Care.

Our program offering is flexible to help accommodate the needs of individuals who have special insurance needs or who are looking for longer term care, possibly beyond what is offered at another treatment center.

Rehab Program

Holistic Substance Abuse Programs

Addiction treatment is so much more than learning to overcome substance abuse. Our holistic modalities ensure the whole person undergoes treatment and learning, from group to individual therapies and activities. For example, we practice spiritual activities, such as mediation and drumming. We also participate in fun physical activities, such as fitness training, acupuncture and yoga.